Why Adopt a Rescue Dog?

You may miss the destructive puppy stage.

Although people usually think about puppies when they think about a new dog, there are certain advantages to adopting an older dog. You get to miss out on the chewing stage, the housetraining, the 30 second attention span. The older dog also adapts more quickly to its new home than a puppy would.

You'll have a housebroken Weimaraner.

Weimaraners in the rescue program are usually housebroken and crate trained before being placed in their new home. This is a great advantage if you are interested in a new dog, but don't have all of the necessary free time needed to housetrain a puppy.

You'll know the dog's personality.

Some Weimaraners are barkers, some are diggers, some are extraordinarily energetic, some are even couch potatoes. When you adopt an older Weimaraner, you will know something about that dog before he comes to live with you. The Tarheel Weimaraner Club makes every effort to ensure the right dog is placed in the right home.

You'll know the dog's history.

Most Weimaraners available for adoption have been evaluated by a foster home or another experienced individual. You will know what kind of training they have received, whether or not they hate cats, how they get along with children, and what kind of games they like to play.

You'll learn more about the breed.

Adopting a rescue Weimaraner is a great way to get involved with Weimaraners and learn about the breed. Many experienced Weimaraner owners became involved with the breed by adopting a rescue. After living with and caring for their rescue dog, they were better prepared when they decided they were ready for their next Weimaraner.

You'll have a grey friend for life.

An adopted Weimaraner is usually very eager to become part of your family and will bond strongly to his new owners. He will be thrilled with all of the attention he is getting and be glad to have a good, permanent home. He will be ready to learn new things, and should do very well with obedience training.



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