The Blue Weimaraner

The coat of the Weimaraner ranges from light silver-grey to taupe to dark grey. There does exist a so-called blue coat. However, the Weimaraner Club of America considers this a disqualifying fault. Although such dogs can be registered with the AKC, they cannot be shown in AKC conformation shows, nor can they compete in WCA ratings tests. The WCA Code of Ethics advises that such dogs should not be used for breeding.

The blue coat is a gunmetal blue, or slate, sometimes even almost black. Genetically, the blue coat is a dilute black, while the typical grey color is a dilute liver. Two typical grey Weimaraners bred together will never produce a blue coat. However, blue bred to grey or to blue can produce either blue or the typical grey coat.

The Tarheel Weimaraner Club occassionaly has blue Weimaraners available through the Club's Rescue Program. However, the Club does not support the breeding of blue Weimaraners. Such dogs are neither rare nor special. Anyone breeding blue Weimaraners is in violation of the Weimaraner Club of America's Code of Ethics and the TWC does not consider such people to be responsible breeders.

For help in choosing a responsible breeder, please see Choosing a Weimaraner Breeder.



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