Litter Referral Process

The following represents the efforts a breeder must take before the Tarheel Weimaraner Club will refer potential buyers to him.

Updates to the current breeder referral process were approved by the Board on May 20, 2012. The Breeder Referral contact is currently Cindi Caravati (

  1. For litter referral, a person must be a member (family, associate, or individual) of the Tarheel Weimaraner Club. In order to become a member, the breeder must have been read and voted on for membership, and have attended a club meeting and a club event.
  2. We will accept litter referrals from a club member that owns either the brood bitch or the stud dog, but the contact person listed for the litter must be a club member (family, associate, or individual).
  3. The club member must have done one of the following, within the last 12 months (prior to the litter's birth):
    • attended a club meeting, or
    • attended a club event (example Hunt Test, Dog Show), or
    • provided the club a service (example: rescue foster or transport).
  4. The club member must provide either OFA or PennHip information on both parents of the litter. Hip information accepted will be:
    • OFA certification, if the dog/bitch is 2 years of age or older, or OFA preliminary certification, if the dog/bitch is younger than 2 years of age (either copies of OFA certificates or online verification at will be accepted), or
    • copies of Penn-Hip report. The dog/bitch must have a PennHip DI (distraction index) of .40 or lower.
  5. The litter will be accepted for breeder referral once the breeding has taken place, but not before.
  6. Breeder Referral will provide the information on approved litters to the Webmaster and the Newsletter Editor. Litters will not be accepted for referral if they are sent directly to the Webmaster or Newsletter Editor.



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